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The Progress - Midwest Pt. One - 7" | STORM016

The Progress - Midwest Pt. One - 7" | STORM016

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In the fall of 2003, The Progress was preparing for a ten day midwest tour.

This tour would be one of our first, as we had mostly all graduated high school the June before. We were lucky enough to land a show at the historic Fireside Bowl which was like a dream come true for four teenage Jersey boys who had heard nothing but legend about that place.

We had been touting the same EP for some time and decided it would be a good idea to record a couple demos of new songs to sell on a CD-R (remember those?) for the trip. The EP was called Midwest Pt. One cause that's where we were heading and featured two early versions of a couple songs that would later appear on Golden State.

I appreciate these versions more than the Golden State ones. They are rough and ready. Raw. Meaner sounding. 676/76 has a whole entire additional part! Truth be told that bridge section was later removed because it was too meandering but also because I was really, really, really influenced by Penfold at the time and it really showed on that song.

Anyway -- In an effort to assemble the entire discography of the band over time, we could not have been able to do it without these two songs. It comes to you, remastered for vinyl with some updated artwork c/o Andy Hendricks and some lost photography from an old friend John Ryan. The photos were shot at one of our favorite house show spaces in NJ, the 1619 House. The images are the perfect representation of what we were as a band at the time.

500ish were pressed.

The first 200 went to our Patreon subs.
The remaining 300 on clear vinyl are available for you.

...And Straight On Till Morning (v1.0)
676/76 (v1.0)

10 Test Presses
212 Black Vinyl (Patreon Exclusive)
300 Clear (w/ Hints Of Pot Smoke) Vinyl
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