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The Progress - Merit - LP | STORM013

The Progress - Merit - LP | STORM013

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Just about 15 years in the making, finally Merit -- the final LP from The Progress -- Is available on vinyl.

We'll spare you just how excited and emotional we have all been seeing this project come to life. We've pressed 750 copies. 200 went off the top to our monthly Patreon subscribers, friends and family.

The original masters with updated artwork care of Brian Mietz and Ryan Russell. Pressed at Smashed Plastic in Chicago, IL

The remaining 500 are here for you.


001. Nightlife: Tornado Alley
002. Backwards From Ten
003. For Edward Wells
004. Paper And Ink
005. A Drug Called Tradition

006. Merit
007. Maybe, Maybe
008. Similar Haircuts
009. The Face Of Better Moods
010. This Thing Goes Forever

Test Pressings: 4
180G Atlantic Ocean Blue w/ Limited Numbered Photo Print (Patreon Exclusive): 200
160G Marlboro Van Smoke: 250
160G Bone White: 300
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