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The Progress - Golden State EP - LP | STORM014

The Progress - Golden State EP - LP | STORM014

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Considered by many to be THE ONE.

Presented here is the long awaited first vinyl issue of Golden State by The Progress. Five songs which had long defined the band and are mostly what is considered the "golden" era of when the band was active.

Complete with reimagined artwork from Brian Mietz and Ryan Russell. Five songs on a one sided LP pressed as a limited edition offering of this long out of print record originally released in 2005.


8 - CLEAR - Overrun Unnumbered
200 - CLEAR w/ Numbered Photo Prints (Patreon Exclusive)
250 - SKY BLUE

001. Straight Shot From St. Lou
002. We Could Have Done This All As Friends
003. 676/76
004. ...And Straight On Till Morning
005. U.S. Camera
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