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Lifted Bells - Overreactor EP - LP | RFC-149

Lifted Bells - Overreactor EP - LP | RFC-149

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What a band - What a lineup - What a batch of songs.

Here we have the lost stock of Run For Cover #149 -- The third Lifted Bells EP titled "Overreactor". Three awesome songs -- One of these is my favorite. I'll let you guess which.

Killer technical emo with members of Their / They're / There, Braid, Hey Mercedes, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, Into It. Over It., Options, Sincere Engineer -- You name it.

A Chicago supergroup and a must own.

We have whatever is left on pink OR black vinyl. And we have no idea which is which -- The boxes got mixed up and there is no indication what color these are without cracking the shrink on all of them.. Sooooooooo... Maybe you'll get pink. Maybe you'll get black. It's 10 bucks. This record is kickass. Roll the dice.

A1. Lily & Sierra
A2. Kingston Vale
A3. Harm
A4. Prodigal

300: Green / Yellow / Red
700: Pink Vinyl
1000: Black Vinyl
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