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Ratboys / TV Not January - Split - 7" | TSR276 / SAWR-003

Ratboys / TV Not January - Split - 7" | TSR276 / SAWR-003

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A split 7" EP from Chicago indie rock band "Ratboys" and Tokyo indie folk quartet "T.V. NOT JANUARY". This work is a 7 "EP split between "Ratboys", the lost boys' leader "Shore&Woods Recordings", which is the source of the invitation for Ratboys JAPAN TOUR in January 2024, and Ratboys' latest album "THE WINDOW", which will be released on the same day. The latest 5th album will be a joint release with "Topshelf Records", an important emo/indie rock label in San Diego, U.S.A., which releases "THE WINDOW" album.

Ratboys, whose latest 5th album has been praised by the media in the U.S., has taken elements of current U.S. indie rock, folk, country, and more and made them emotional with a sense of originality and explosion of originality on "The New Maria The New Maria". This album was also produced by Chris Walla (ex-Death Cab for Cutie), and the songs are produced with great care and attention to detail, which is a luxury that the band has chosen for their Japan tour.

On the other hand, "T.V. NOT JANUARY," featuring Mr. Motoshima, who was a tour driver at the last Ratboys' visit to Japan, recorded "Animals," a song that overflows with a sense of welcome home and leaks out a sense of tenderness. The mixed voice Japanese folk style, in which all members take vocals, is still outstanding as ever, and the best melodies that easily reach your ears are still too good to be true.

We have les than 10 copies left on Red / Pink vinyl. This is imported direct from Japan and is available here after shipping to our Patreon subscribers. 

A1: Ratboys - The New Maria
B1: TV Not January - Animals


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