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Pacemaker - Litterbug - 7” | STORM015

Pacemaker - Litterbug - 7” | STORM015

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The Pacemaker - Litterbug 7"

The solo project of Matthew Frank (Their / They’re / There, Lifted Bells, Loose Lips Sink Ships) Pacemaker sees this renowned guitar shredder writing songs more akin to what he genuinely listens to and enjoys — 90’s punk pop ala the likes of The Lemonheads, Superchunk and Guided By Voices.

A killer 7" with his strongest material to date.

Three awesome songs which were recorded back in 2016/2017 but have laid dormant since. This vinyl reissue has spawned a rebirth of the band and is available in super limited quantities.

001. Bargain Rebound
002. Different Dances
003. Litterbug

There are maybe about 75 left after fulfilling the SCLTD Patreon.

White and Pink are available.
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