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Mush - Dongle | STORM045

Mush - Dongle | STORM045

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We promise this is real. 100% really really real.

Storm Chasers LTD presents "Dongle" by Mush.

6 songs recorded at the onset of the pandemic 2020. Mixed and Mastered by Adam Beck (IIOI, Sincere Engineer). Originally recorded with the thought the pandemic wouldn’t last long and this would keep the band busy as they wrote a new LP, but the joke was on them.

Each member (at the time 5) started a song and passed it around via email until it was completed. The results are 6 songs with their own identity. A really unique exquisite corpse of an EP.

Released April Fools Day, 2022.

We swear this is really real. Limited numbers left.
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