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Lifted Bells - Self Titled EP - LP | NAR-003

Lifted Bells - Self Titled EP - LP | NAR-003

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What a band - What a lineup - What a batch of songs.

Here we have the lost stock of what was Naked Ally Records 003 -- The first (or second?) Lifted Bells EP. Three awesome songs -- One of these is my favorite. I'll let you guess which.

Killer technical emo with members of Their / They're / There, Braid, Hey Mercedes, The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, Into It. Over It., Options, Sincere Engineer -- You name it. A Chicago supergroup and a must own.

We have whatever is left on Black / Green split vinyl and it's not much

A1. Orphaned
A2. Re: Calm
A3. So Solo

300: Black / Green Split Vinyl
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