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Into It. Over It. - Intersections - LP | STORM005 / TCR03169

Into It. Over It. - Intersections - LP | STORM005 / TCR03169

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Coming off of the Proper touring cycle it came time to start work on a second LP.

Two months worth of writing through a Chicago winter piggybacked by two long 25 day sessions with Brian Deck at the legendary Soma Studios.

Soma is now a mid-century modern furniture store. If you're ever by the Rainbo Bar in Wicker Park in Chicago, Soma used to be that spot right on the corner.

Both recording sessions were broken up by an entire month where I was able to retreat and work on lyrics / overdub ideas. The name of the record came from the lyrical content. All of the songs on this record were updates to previous IIOI songs.. Or even songs from Pet Symmetry or TTT. If you're familiar with the catalogs of IIOI or the other bands I was singing in at the time, you might be able to catch the references and updates... Upstate Blues w/ Buffalo, NY for example.

This record was the polar opposite to Proper, but to me, fit the path of IIOI and how everything had developed since the start -- Free flowing, creative, whatever was the inspiration at the time. This record was the beginning of embracing that..

Repressed, back in print and ready in action. Buy it direct from us. 

Hazy Clear / Gold splattered vinyl as part of a limited pressing of 400 copies.

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