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Into It. Over It. - Figure (The Instrumentals) - LP | STORM023

Into It. Over It. - Figure (The Instrumentals) - LP | STORM023

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For your consideration, STORM023: Into It. Over It. - Figure (The Instrumentals).

A record which was written and recorded throughout a four year period, demo'd and revised in an instrumental state until the last 4 months before mixing when vocals were finally added.

I had always loved these songs in their instrumental state and had imagined doing a limited run of vinyl featuring the instrumental versions of these songs if we were afforded the ability. Well here it is.

Pressed on 180G Clear vinyl at Smashed Plastic in Chicago, IL this LP is the clean and clear fully instrumental version of Figure without any of those pesky vocals. A one time pressing. Mixed by Jason Cupp and mastered by legendary mastering engineer David Kutch.

Following our subscription, about 100 of these remain.

001. They Built Our Bench Again In Palmer Square
002. Living Up To Let You Down
003. Hallow Halos
004. Perfect Penmanship
005. Courtesy Greetings
006. Breathing Patterns
007. A Left Turn At Best Intentions
008. We Prefer Indoors
009. Brushstrokes
010. Dressing Down // Addressing You
011. A Lyric In My Head I Haven't Thought Of Yet
012. A Light In The Trees

500 - 180G Clear
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