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Into It. Over It. - Canada Sessions - 7" | STORM011

Into It. Over It. - Canada Sessions - 7" | STORM011

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In the fall of 2014 (October 6th, 2014 to be exact) IIOI was on a short Canadian run with the bands Foxing and Kittyhawk.

We had played a show near London, ON and were approached by a total stranger, Anton DeLost (Producer / Guitar player in the band First Ghost). He asked if we would like to record a couple songs at "his house" with him the following day which was a day off. We had never met this guy and were absolutely apprehensive but also morbidly curious about what the experience would be like. Anton was persuasive. At the time, we did actually have some material that could stand to be documented. We took a chance on it.

We never would have guessed what the experience would have actually been like. A beautiful mid-century home with a full basement set up. Two awesome dogs (check the runouts on the 7" records) and his parents -- who were AWESOME -- warm, kind and who made us a beautiful dinner.

We loaded in, mic'd up and bashed out a couple alternate versions of two IIOI songs in an afternoon. A slowed down version of Embracing Facts and a more fleshed out version of 22 Syllables. This is one of just two examples of an IIOI recording where the live band at the time tracked their parts as they had defined them.

At the time of recording was the first Intersections touring lineup: Josh Sparks, Josh Parks, Tim Mortensen and myself. What came out of this chance encounter with Anton was a life long friendship, mutual respect and two excellent recordings. Just a FABULOUS day off.

We were super stoked on the results but these recordings never saw a broad release. Embracing Facts (v2.0) was originally released as part of Father/Daughter Records KIT Flexi Series. Now way out of print. 22 Syllables (v2.0) was released as part of the Forever Beautiful: A Collection Of Love For Orlando Compilation.

Now they come to you, remixed and remastered, with photography from Ryan Russell (a Proper photoshoot outtake) and design from Andy Hendricks just about 6 years later.

We hope you enjoy! Thanks!

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