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Damiera - EP - One-Sided LP | STORM051

Damiera - EP - One-Sided LP | STORM051

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Many of you may or may not know that from 2008 through 2009 I (Evan) had played bass in the band Damiera, who at the time and for many years was on Equal Vision Records.

Damiera was a band that toured relentlessly, worked relentlessly and set a standard to me in terms of what it meant to be in a hard working and hard performing band.

This work ethic was also at many times responsible for the bands volatility throughout the years.

The Progress played many shows with Damiera (as well as Dave's former band League) in the early early 2000's. 2003-2005 to be specific. They were formidable friends and colleagues. A band that we felt we belonged with. They were an inspiration to our art and many other musicians they encountered throughout their career. Another fun fact is that Josh Sparks (who was in IIOI for many years) was in Damiera before me. Jared Karns who is now in TTT was in the final version of Damiera which became Hidden Hospitals.. There are so so so many connections to this band.

We are pleased to announce the release of the bands very first self-released EP on a one sided LP pressed on 180g vinyl. The EP has been remixed and remastered and sounds just totally awesome.

Many have asked -- This one time pressing is also missing the song Unison. Unison was never part of this recording session but was originally featured on the CD release of this EP. Unfortunately that original recording is completely lost and there was no way to include it.

That said, these five songs make for an incredible collection that set the stage for what would become Damiera's opus, M(US)IC.

A1. Vollacaia
A2. Heartbeat
A3. Fourfight
A4. Maesa
A5. Slow By Still

500: 180G BLACK
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