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A. Wesley Chung - Portents - LP | STORM041

A. Wesley Chung - Portents - LP | STORM041

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As Storm Chasers LTD rolls into it's third year of releasing something new it's become important to us to shine a light on not just what our collective conscious here in Chicago is working on but also artists just beyond our circle who influence us creatively and personally.

A. Wesley Chung is one of those artists.

Portents find A. Wesley Chung taking on a solo journey following their time as the primary voice of Boris Smile (a Count Your Lucky Stars collective of musicians with some fabulous releases under their belt) and The Great Albatross (A. Wesley's next evolution, based in Glasgow and having released a split with Into It. Over It. and a couple fabulous records of their own).

This record is gorgeous -- An incredible evolution from A. Wesley's previous work and growing into their own as a songwriter and singer. Folksy earworms that we had found ourselves humming along to for weeks. A. Wesley Chung is a musician that inspires the rest of us to be musicians and this record needs to be heard and enjoyed. We encourage you to take the journey.

This LP is a preorder and will be shipping before the end of November 2022 hopefully in time for its proper release on December 2nd 2022. All November vinyl subscribers on the SCLTD Patreon will be receiving a copy of this LP

A1 Portents
A2 Something Old, Something New
A3 Sunday Blues
A4 Rumspringa
A5 Burrows
A5 Seedling
B1 Evergreen
B2 A Touch Of Pink
B3 Howl
B4 Lost & Found

10: Test Pressings
200: Coke Bottle Clear (Storm Chasers Patreon Exclusive)
200: Root Beer Clear
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