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Into It. Over It. - "Vanessa" The Van - 2008 Chevy 3500 | STORM100

Into It. Over It. - "Vanessa" The Van - 2008 Chevy 3500 | STORM100

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Yes you're reading this correctly.

The IIOI van is for sale and we are making it a release. The 100th SCLTD release. 

The IIOI record which we are calling "Vanessa" The Van is the sound of the IIOI van motor purring like a kitten while you drive around wherever it is you are driving. You will be forced to enjoy this unique audio experience as not a single speaker in the van works.

In fact, a lot doesn't work about Vanessa. Let's go through the list of special features, shall we?

  • It is covered in dents, scrapes, missing paint, marks and rust
  • It leaks oil (a very very very small amount)
  • It leaks windshield wiper fluid (all of it)
  • It leaks power steering fluid (a very very small amount)
  • The windshield has a crack in it
  • The ABS system is broken and it affects how the van brakes
  • The check engine light is on (It needs a new O2 sensor)
  • The van shakes violently when it hits 40MPH & 70MPH (An alignment issue)
  • The side mirrors are both broken 
  • There are no working speakers. The rear ones are completely gone.
  • There are two missing benches. 
  • The plastic interior framing is cracked in a variety of places
  • There is no insulation in one of the inside doors. 
  • The passenger interior door handle is broken

The van has the following

  • Four wheels and a seat
  • New wipers
  • New spark plugs
  • 338K miles
  • A rock solid engine and transmission
  • The power locks work

THIS IS NOT A TOUR SAFE VEHICLE - This van is not for everyone. My suggestion is if you are a mechanic or have a mechanic in the family you could knock out a good portion of the issues here at a very low cost and have a fun beater vehicle for next to nothing that will just keep running and running.

Despite all of the cosmetic issues this van was regularly maintained with oil and fluid changes. It's been all over the country. It's seen most of my adult life. Own a piece of emo history. Complete your SCLTD collection with the ultimate 1 of 1 release.

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